Perfume vs Cologne Difference | Know these 6 things!!

While buying a fragrance, we often get to hear names like Perfumes, Deodorants, and Colognes. But are they the same or do they have some differences? If yes, what are those differences? and how do we decide what should we buy according to our requirements? I’ll clear each and everything in this post and by the end of it you’ll know what is the exact difference between perfume and cologne. Let’s Start the battle, Perfume vs cologne.

Most people think perfumes are for women and Colognes are for men. But that’s not true. The real difference is in the aromatic components. Perfume is usually between 15% to 30% aromatics and a Cologne, depending upon the manufacturer, is somewhere between 3% to 10%. And it has nothing to do with gender.

But for the battle, Perfume vs cologne, let’s see the further details about how Perfumes and Colognes are made.

Contains 15-30% of essential oilContains 2-6% of essential oil.
Lasts more than 8 hoursLasts more than 5-6 hours
Can be used in baths and hairCannot be used in baths and hair
Costs much more than cologneCosts much lesser than perfumes
Usually worn on Special OccasionCan be used on Regular days
Perfume vs cologne


The battle between Perfume vs cologne begins with the process of making the two. And honestly, this is the main difference.


Perfumes have a higher concentration of Essential oils that I also called Aromatic components. Usually 15-30%. These are the heaviest concentration among any fragrances. Even if you apply 1 puff to your clothes, it can last up to 12 hours (lasting depends upon different conditions).


Perfumes are technically known as EDP (Eau De Parfum). It has a 2-6% concentration of aromatic components. And Colognes are known as EDC (Eau De Cologne). Colognes are the lightest concentration of fragrances and it is heavier than an aftershave but lighter than a perfume.

Aftershave < Cologne < Perfumes

Also, I have observed that as women’s olfactory system(ability to smell) is much stronger than men, women find cologne much more soothing and pleasing as compared to perfumes.

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when we talk about Perfume Vs Cologne, wearing is another factor that is important to consider.

People ask often how should cologne and perfumes be worn and get confused about both fragrances. But If you wear perfumes regularly you are probably doing it wrong.

Also, perfumes and colognes have nothing to do with gender. Colognes are not for men only and perfumes are not for women.


Perfumes should usually be worn on special occasions. For example, for office parties, wedding ceremonies, dates, etc. 2-3 puffs are more than enough to make you smell good throughout the day.

But if you use perfumes on regular basis, you might be wasting a lot of money.


In Contrast, colognes can be worn on daily basis. It is for regular use. You can use it regularly when you go to the office or college, or when you are enjoying a regular weekend at home with your family.

As colognes are cheaper than perfumes, so even if you use them regularly, it doesn’t cost you much. So this is a pocket-friendly option as well.

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Perfumes can be added to your daily bath, you can apply them on other parts of your body like hair, and skin. Some people use it as a room freshener too. You can apply 1-2 Puffs on curtains and walls, to make them smell good throughout the day. And It can actually last more than it does on your body at room temperature.


Cologne is a weaker fragrance. So if you add it to your bath or apply it to your hair, it will not last. Also, the smell would not be so strong. It will smell like talcum powder.



Due to the high concentration of Aromatic Components, which is the most expensive part of any fragrance, Perfumes are much costlier than Colognes. And it also varies from Brand to Brand. For example, If you buy perfumes of Ajmal, at 100ml. It will cost you much cheaper than the perfumes of Gucci at 100 ml.


As you guessed it right, Colognes cost you less than perfumes. and are still a great choice to go with if you want to use it on regular basis.

I want you guys to think of it this way. If you use perfumes regularly, each use or puff will cost you more. But if you use colognes, they’ll equally smell good, although for less time, but will cost you less. so for regular use, Colognes are the best choice according to me.

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Well, talking about Portability, both cologne, and perfumes are easy to carry along. But you can buy small variants of fragrances to carry in your office bags or purse.

Effect on Skin


Although, good quality Perfumes don’t harm your skin much. But if you use a bit cheaper perfumes, it may cause dermatitis and skin allergies. Also, don’t use perfumes on a regular basis as it may also cause some problems regarding your respiration.


Colognes are comparatively better than perfumes. But still, you should apply it to your clothes only. It doesn’t harm in short term. But in the long term, it can cause serious problems.


So the battle between Perfume vs cologne is a tie. Because it totally depends upon these factors and your needs which decide which one should you buy. If you want to use it on a regular basis, go for a cologne. But If you want to smell nice on a special occasion, go with perfume. If you want to smell good but don’t want to spend a lot of money buying perfumes, you can definitely go with colognes. At the end of the day, you have to decide which one should you pick according to your circumstances and needs.

so this was a detailed comparison between Perfume vs cologne. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and got something new to learn about the difference between perfume and colognes. consider saving this post for later and sharing this with someone who might need to read this.

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