Top Perfume Brands in India for Men

5 Top Perfume Brands in India for Men | 2023 Best Perfumes

Hey Gentlemen! Do you always struggle with finding the best perfume brands for your regular use or certain special events? I know that it can be tiring when it comes to surfing the internet for unconventional topics like ‘Top Perfumes’ for me or Top Perfume Brands in India for Men that fall in a certain price range. 

In this blog, I aim at making the job a little easier for you by shortlisting and presenting the 5 top Perfume Brands in India for men that will stay evergreen and in demand, regardless of what season you are wearing it in or what occasion you are wearing it for. 

I won’t sugarcoat the things for you and provide you with averagely-priced but good quality and long-lasting perfumes. These are the currently running top perfume brands in India for men in India. And here is everything you need to know about them to buy just the one for you or your loved ones. 

The top perfume brands in India for men as per preference are

  1. SKINN by Titan
  2. Villian
  3. Ajmal
  4. Fogg
  5. Beardo

SKINN by Titan

Skinn by titan Top Perfume Brands in India for Men

Titan is popularly known for its budget-friendly perfumes that every middle-class Indian can afford.

In 2013 Titian launched its perfume range called “SKINN” and within a few years, the company penetrated the Indian market and made an impact on every perfume buyer in India. I first listened about this when Dr. Vivek Bindra, a motivational Speaker, and Business Coach was talking about this brand in one of his youtube videos.

I was very keen to know what perfume he was talking about. So I ordered one for myself. And Surprisingly that came out to be really good. And then I heard people talking about it a lot.

One of my relatives was also wearing the same fragrance at a party. So this perfume has now reached so many hands and people are loving it.

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The perfumes that I like the most about this brand are:

PerfumesRatingBuy Now
Skinn by Titan- Steel4/5Check Price
Skinn by Titan- Raw4/5Check Price
Skinn by Titian- Verge3/5Check Price
Skinn by Titan- Mediterranean Groove3/5Check Price
Skinn By Titan Forest Rouge4/5Check Price
Skinn By titan Country Road4/5Check Price


Villain | Top Perfume Brands in India for Men

Moving on to the next brand, Villain is again a very popular Indian perfume brand that is perfect for mid-range perfume buyers.

This perfume got famous after the release of a South Movie KGF, which was a big hit all over India. As the Hero of the movie, Yash did the brand endorsement.

When I heard about this perfume brand honestly speaking I was expecting some synthetic fragrances from it. But some of my friends used this and the fragrance was quite noticeable. I mean not all of the perfumes I found were good but some of them were worth the money.

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Some of the perfumes that I like about this brand are:

PerfumesRatingBuy Now
Villian- Snake EDP4/5Check Price
Villian- Desire EDP4/5Check Price


Ajmal | Top Perfume Brands in India for Men

Now is the time to tell you something about the best brand out there in the Indian market. Ajmal is an Indian brand. You also didn’t know it? I was shocked too. Ajmal is Headquartered in Dubai and was established in Assam.

I used its Ajmal Silver shade for the very first time and I just fell in love with this brand. I mean I just loved the perfume. I use that perfume for all my get-togethers and wedding functions. And people notice it every time.

Talking about some of the perfumes that I like the most about this brand are

PerfumeRatingBuy Now
1. Ajmal- Silver Shade 5/5Check Price
2. Ajmal- Shadow4/5Check Price
3. Ajmal- Blu4/5Check Price


Fogg | Top Perfume Brands in India for Men

Fogg perfumes are one of the most popular perfumes in India and hold more than 12% of the market share. Fogg was launched in 2011 and the tagline was “Bina gas wala body spray” which means deodorant without gas.

And soon it became popular in the Indian market because of its unique marketing strategies. I still remember I was a kid when their ad campaign became popular “Aur kya Chal Raha hai?”, “Fogg Chal Raha hai”. It became viral very soon and one perfume that was sure everyone would have in their wardrobe was FOGG.

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Talking about some of its best perfumes,

OccasionBest Fogg PerfumePrice
Formal Wear, College WearFOGG IMPRESSIOCheck Now
Summers and Beach PartiesFOGG INTENSIOCheck Now
Winters and PartiesFOGG XTREMOCheck Now


Beardo | Top Perfume Brands in India for Men

Beardo is a men’s grooming brand primarily. It is popular for its cosmetic products in India and has a very well expansion all over the country. I found its products to be genuine and not overly priced.

Overall, The Man Company has the highest market share of around 38%, and Berardo with a market share of 35%, Followed by Ustra at 30% market share.

Surprisingly this company also makes good quality perfumes that people are loving. I’ve tried some of their fragrances and according to the price, they performed decently.

Just out of curiosity, I used one of my friend’s Breardo perfumes which at the beginning, I was not able to identify because I was already wearing a perfume but then I tested it on a piece of paper and I liked the fragrance pretty well. I was honestly expecting some synthetic fragrance but It turned out to be good.

The perfume was Beardo – Whisky Smoke. Also, some of the perfumes that I like the most about this brand are:

Beardo – Whisky Smoke4/5Check Price
Beardo – Black Musk3/5Check Price

So guys, these were 5 Top Perfume Brands in India for Men and I hope you found something useful in this piece of content. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section and also, share this with your friends who are looking for 5 Top Perfume Brands in India for Men.

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