5 Best Perfumes for Sweaty Men in India [2023 Updated]

Hey there! You came to the right place if you are searching for the best perfumes for sweaty men in India. Sweating is a natural phenomenon and is not something to be ashamed of. But it is always good to do your part in trying to smell fresh throughout the day. 

Here, I bring out to you the 5 best perfumes for sweaty men in India. Out of the plethora of mind blogging results on the internet, I  have aimed to narrow down to the current best 5 perfumes for sweaty men in India that are too fresh and brand new like the arrival of the new year – 2023! 

No more hefty hours of perfume shop hopping because by the end of this article you’ll be well-versed with the 5 best perfumes for sweaty men in India.

Ready for an event? All dressed up? But what perfume to put on? Don’t you worry!  I got you. You’ll be able to blindly land your hands on any of the below-mentioned perfumes and I am sure you won’t be disappointed because it is quality + affordability. 

PerfumesRatingCheck Price Here
John Phillips Mr. Blue Occasional Outing4/5Buy Here
EM5 – Memoir4/5Buy Here
The Man Company Multifaceted Luxury Gift Kit5/5Buy Here
Guess Seductive Homme Noir For Men 5/5Buy Here

What are the top 5 perfumes for sweaty men in India then?

John Phillips Mr. Blue Occasional Outing Eau De French Perfume (100ml)

top 5 Best perfumes for sweaty men in India John Phillips Mr. Blue Occasional Outing Eau

For nearly Rs. 300 more, you get another great alternative for smelling good. It’s none other than the John Phillips Mr. Blue Eau De French Perfume which has a female option too (blue angel), perfect for occasions when you want to twin with your partner.

As the name suggests, it’s better for those special outings with your loved ones or for a prom, if your town has one!

The basic note for this remains floral like the Engage XX1 but just a stronger version of that.

It’s the basic scent denoting dynamic men, a fresh and aromatic fragrance spreading all around. 

Main Notes: Bergamot, Citrus, and Fresh

Middle Notes: Nutmeg, Spicy, and Aquatic 

Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli, and Woody

This would make a very good gift for your father, partner, or brother because of its feel-good fragrance.

ENGAGE XX1 COLOGNE (135 ml) : 


Growing up, one vivid memory of mine is the fragrance of my dad’s room after he had just taken a shower.

As a kid of 2 or 3, I loved that scent but as I grew up I got to know that it was actually something he wore all over himself that made him and the entire house smell so so good.

He wore the Park Avenue /AXE Men or the one I have in front of you right now -The Engage XX1 Cologne. 

Perfumes like these are so subtle and warm, that you literally close your eyes and start falling asleep as you are surrounded by them. It has a spicy and citrusy tinge to it, along with skin friendliness that makes it easy to use for daily errands.

It is also tested and assured by Laboratoire Naturel and is henceforth suitable for long-term use. This is why it is at the top of the list of “Best Perfumes for Sweaty Men in India.”

According to customer reviews, it is described as a feeling of “ floating in an ocean of flowers .” It gives you that floral fragrance cocooned in the cinnamon fireball making it quite seductive. 

LONGEVITY: Since this is the cheapest option, it’s totally worth the money as you get an effect lasting 5-6 hours. 

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EM5 – Memoir (50ml) :

EM5 - Memoir (50ml)

Next up in line is a huge jump from Rs. 100 to Rs. 700 . But trust me, you won’t regret investing in this beautiful unisex scent. I mean, what’s better than feeling luxurious at a budget-friendly rate?

Moreover, it has been proven to last around 18-30 hours, varying with weather circumstances and people. This perfume is a cheaper option than The Bleu De Chanel which costs around Rs. 17,000.

The notes and properties of the EM5 Memoir are totally based on the original Chanel as a result. With a number of beautiful variants in this perfume (Woody Oud, and Harbour, to name a few), this range is home to a set of mesmerizing scents.


Its basic smell is a perfect blend of woody, spicy, citrusy, and amber-like. I personally have this scent as a holy grail product of my vanity. 

Top Notes: Lemon Zest, Bergamot, and Mint.

Middle notes: Lavender, Pineapple, and Green Notes

Base notes Sandalwood, Cedar, Amberwood, and Tonka Bean.

LONGEVITY: 18-30 Hours (varies from person to person)

The Man Company Multifaceted Luxury Gift Kit (INR 1,075 /120 ml – 4 scents )  

Moving on, entering the over 1000 range, we have the Luxury Gift kit of 4 beautiful scents from the Man Company. The Man Company is an Indian, affordable, luxury brand, founded in India in 2015.

It has been highly appreciated ever since then, for its awesome range of skincare and hair care products for men. Although it’s a male products-oriented brand, the targeted audience for this kit is both males and females. Surprisingly, I’m adding this as well to the list of “Best Perfumes for Sweaty Men in India”.  

This extravagant gift kit includes 4 beautiful, everyday – use fragrances. These are as delicious as their names. 

  • Rouge: Comes in a beautiful, fancy magenta spray bottle. Lasting you 1000 sprays, it has Bergamot and Lemon as the top notes, Sandalwood as the middle note, and ambient Amberwood and Oudh as the base notes respectively. 
  • Blanc: The beautiful Ivory and Gold bottle is home to Lemon and Birch leaves (top notes), Lavender (Middle note ), and Musk, Amberwood (Base notes ) scents.
  • Bleu: The deep blue colored bottle comes with Bergamot, Lavender ( Top notes ), Black pepper ( Middle note ), and Basil (Base note ). All of the foresty scents will make you feel super fresh and relaxed the entire day. 
  • Noir: This is a black-colored bottle and is super sleek and beautiful containing Lemon and Bergamot (Top notes ), Carnation (Middle note ) to give you that flowery feel, and Sandalwood (Base note ). This bottle is trusted the most because my dad owns one and it has an out-of-this-world smell. 

All 4 scents are No gas body perfume. So you are not just paying money but receiving a high-quality product, tried and tested.

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Guess Seductive Homme Noir For Men Eau de Toilette (INR 2,860/100ml): 

Going just a little higher in price but gifting a luxury perfume to your loved one, sounds like a great idea. Comes in a beautiful glass bottle in black and gold.

The best places to wear this as suggested by experts are pulse points and behind the earlobes. It’s a long-lasting product and acts like a magnet, holding up the quality like the brand itself -GUESS. 

Also comes with other alternatives from GUESS. Get your hands on your favorite one ASAP. Also, If you have to choose one fragrance from this list of Best Perfumes for Sweaty Men in India, and have some money to spend, I would say go for this one for sure.

  • Top notes: Black pepper, Juicy pomelo, Nutmeg
  • Middle Notes: Lavender, Orange Flower, Golden Apple
  • Base Notes: Tonka Beans, Liquid Amber, Sandalwood.

So, here was a handy collection of the best 5 Best perfumes for sweaty men in India which will help you transform into a fresh and sexy man. No more sulking and confusion because you visited just the right place for getting educated about your daily perfumes and scents.

Stay tuned for such blog posts if you are tired of finding your answers on several websites for years now. Let’s talk about whatever you would like next. Leave your comments below 🙂 Happy shopping! 

And just a reminder, shake your perfume bottle well before using it.

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