Which Fogg perfume is long-lasting? | 1 Experiment That may Surprise You

Which Fogg perfume is long-lasting? This question was haunting me for years and to solve this query I tested all the possible Fogg perfumes out there and the results were quite surprising.

Fogg, a brand that is an alliance under the Vini Group of Companies and owned by Darshan Patel is one of the most prevalent and budget-friendly perfume brands in the country. You’ll find Fogg perfume anywhere from the smallest possible shop in your neighborhood to the biggest online web stores like Amazon and Nykaa.

But besides the fragrance notes and budget, it’s very important to know the life span of one/two spritz of the perfume in the morning. Will it last you throughout the day? Will it leave that magnetic fragrant trail behind you? Will you need to spray it at regular intervals across your day? Will you be able to smell it in your clothes the next day?

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So, Which Fogg perfume is long-lasting? And the answer is…

Which Fogg perfume is long-lasting

Along with my experiments, the most long-lasting perfume as per customer reviews, the brand’s personal views and ratings ‘Fogg Oriental Extreme ( Eau De Parfum)’. You’ll often see hundreds of perfumes that’ll fall in the long-lasting list but only 4 or 5 out of a lot of 100, actually fulfill the criteria.

How did I find Which Fogg perfume is long-lasting?

So I have a bunch of Fogg Perfumes In my wardrobe (I just like to collect them). So I tried these Fogg Perfumes listed below on different days and went to the office regularly. I changed my clothes each day.

Fogg IntensioMonday4 Hours
Fogg ImpressioTuesday3 Hours
Fogg XtremoWednesday3 Hours
Fogg ExpressioThursday3 Hours
Fogg Oriental ExtremeFriday6 Hours
Fogg PrinceSaturday2 Hours

And I was surprised by the result. I never used this fragrance so much but when it comes to longevity this perfume won all the battle.

Talking about the smell of the perfume, It has a good fragrance, a mixture of Sweet and citrusy fragrances.

For all the handsome gentlemen out there, no dilemmas for you anymore because I found the best out of the Fogg series for you with the perfect fragrance that’ll last you much much longer than usual.

Which Fogg perfume is long-lasting

This perfect Eau De Parfum, costing you only 800 INR/100ml, comes in a beautiful, chic, matte black and gold, cylindrical bottle. Packaging is a very important part when it comes to the customers choosing which one to buy.

So, Now you know which Fogg perfume is long-lasting?

The Oriental Extreme, according to its parent company, can be worn both daily and on special occasions. Many customer reviews call the Oriental Extreme wedding and party appropriate. This perfume is a part of the very impactful international fragrance series by Fogg and will make you compliment a person wearing it.

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This particular fragrance stands out from the whole series, therefore making it on the long-lasting list. Its scent is described as fresh, fruity, and sweet but packed in the right amount,  just appropriate for a post-shower grooming session, helping you seize the day!

With 4.3 stars on Amazon India, customers seem to be really happy with this product since they only have good things to say about this perfume. It’s a perfect gift for your dad or your brother if you want people to compliment them. – ‘VALUE FOR MONEY.’

So, if all the above-mentioned things are just what you’re looking for, then go ahead and order this perfume quickly. If longevity is what you’re looking for, guess what? You just found the right perfume at just the right place.

Happy shopping <3

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