Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review

Is It Really Worth the Hype? Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review [September 2023 Updated]

Wondering about the new hype these new Instagram creators have created around Blanko Perfumes? In this article, I’ll delve into the details and provide you with an honest Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review of whether these perfumes are simply overhyped or genuinely worth adding to your collection. Let’s uncover the truth together.

In 2023, the renowned popstar King, known for his blockbuster songs like “Tu Aake Dekhle” and “Maan Meri Jaan,” has teamed up with Raj Shamani’s company, House of X, to introduce a new line of perfumes called Blanko Perfumes.

This exciting collaboration has led to the launch of two captivating fragrances: “Dusk” and “Dawn.” These perfumes have been the talk of the town for the past few months. However, amidst all the buzz, the big question remains, “Are they truly deserving of all the hype?”

Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review

Blanko Dusk and Dawn Perfume Review | Review


Talking about Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review, Let me tell you about Blanko’s two wonderful fragrances: Dusk and Dawn. As their names suggest, Dusk is perfect for the morning, while Dawn is a great choice for the evening. The best part is that both of these perfumes are very affordable and available on Amazon at a surprisingly low price.

However, I must admit it wasn’t easy for me to get my hands on these fragrances. They sold out quickly, and one of the main reasons for their popularity was the endorsement by the famous social media creator, Puneet Superstar.

After finally managing to place my order, I eagerly awaited the delivery, but it took almost a month to arrive. I began to worry that I might have been scammed, but thankfully, the perfumes arrived at my doorstep yesterday.

In conclusion, Blanko’s Dusk and Dawn fragrances offer great scents at a budget-friendly price, and despite the wait, they are definitely worth trying out.

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Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review | Packaging

Let’s discuss the packaging of the bottles. The packaging is decent, similar to other perfume brands you may find in the market, like Fogg and Wildstone. There’s nothing particularly surprising about it. The bottles are made of regular glass, nothing too extraordinary.

The print on the bottle is also decent, but there are some scratches on the glass due to the glass quality not being very high. The brand’s logo or print on the bottle looks okay too.

One area that could be improved is the nozzle, which feels a bit cheap in quality. However, considering the price range, it’s still decent.

In summary, the packaging is average, and while there are some minor flaws like scratches and a cheap nozzle, it’s acceptable considering the affordable price of the perfumes.

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Blanko Dawn

Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review | Blanko Dawn

Let’s talk about the most important aspect of this perfume: its fragrance. When you smell this perfume, it will remind you of several high-end designer fragrances, like Dior Savage. This resemblance is quite apparent because many companies these days are attempting to replicate popular designer scents, particularly in the aquatic fragrance category, similar to Dior Savage and Creed Aventus.

One thing that pleasantly surprised me about this fragrance is that despite its affordable price, it doesn’t give off that sharp, cheap scent that is often associated with lower-quality perfumes. On the contrary, it has a pleasant and non-cheap aroma. This makes it a delightful choice for a summer fragrance that you can comfortably wear to the office or for casual day outings.

The scent carries a slightly musky and masculine floral essence, but the real charm lies in its aquatic nature, which can greatly appeal to a wide range of people. Be prepared for others to inquire about the fragrance you’re wearing, as it is sure to catch your attention.

In summary, this perfume offers a reminiscent experience of high-end designer fragrances, particularly Dior Savage, despite its budget-friendly price. Its appealing aquatic nature and non-cheap scent make it a wonderful option for a summer fragrance that suits various occasions, whether you’re at work or enjoying a day out.

Blanko Dusk

Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review | Blanko Dusk

This perfume has a distinct and bold character upon first impression, somewhat reminiscent of a “Brutic” vibe. It stands out as a non-generic fragrance, offering a delightful combination of citrus, vanilla, oakmoss, and a powerful floral presence. The floral notes are not the usual lily or Rajnigandha scents; instead, they come from exotic flowers with a creamy undertone. However, it’s worth noting that the patchouli note is quite strong and might be a bit overpowering for some. This fragrance strongly reminds me of Guerlain Habit Rouge.

It exudes a sense of elegance and is definitely suited for classy individuals. The fragrance is powerful and has a good sillage, meaning it leaves a noticeable trail as you wear it. Similar to Guerlain Habit Rouge, it presents a blend of ingredients that might not seem like an obvious match at first, but with time, they harmonize beautifully, resulting in a very appealing and unique scent.

In my opinion, this fragrance has the potential to become a signature scent for certain individuals due to its distinctive and classy character. Its uniqueness and sophistication make it a standout choice for those who appreciate something special in their perfume. So this was the Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review, now let’s look at which one is actually better.

Which one is better, Dusk or Dawn?

Blanko Dusk and Dawn Perfume Review

Based on my personal experience of So this was the Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review, I would choose Blanko Dusk as my preferred fragrance because it truly surprised me. I didn’t expect a budget-friendly perfume like this to successfully clone the popular and sophisticated scent of Guerlain Habit Rouge. It’s quite impressive and adds to its appeal.

On the other hand, Blanko Dawn seems to have a more generic and standard fragrance profile. It might be a suitable choice for individuals who prefer sticking to familiar scents and are not inclined to experiment with a wide variety of fragrances.

In summary, Blanko Dusk stands out for its uniqueness and ability to mimic a high-end fragrance, making it my top pick, while Blanko Dawn might be better suited for those seeking a more conventional and straightforward fragrance option.


After Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review, In terms of longevity, both of these perfumes have performed quite well for me. During the rainy season, they have managed to last on my clothes for a duration of 7-9 hours, which I find to be quite decent and satisfactory.

Who is it for?

While the company claims that these perfumes are unisex, in my opinion, they lean more towards having a masculine fragrance. In the perfume industry, it’s true that fragrances cannot be strictly assigned to specific genders, but I believe there are higher chances that men would particularly enjoy wearing these scents on their bodies.

The notes and overall character of the perfumes seem to exude a more masculine appeal, making them likely favorites among men.


When it comes to the price of these perfumes, initially, they were not available for individual purchase on the official website. However, on Amazon, you can now buy them separately, with each perfume priced at around 649/- Rupees. The good news is that I checked recently on Myntra, and the price has dropped to 499/- Rupees, making it even more affordable. So, if you’re considering buying just one of them, you can now find them individually on Myntra at this new lower price point. Happy shopping!


Based on my experience of Blanko Dusk and Dawn Review, I feel that these perfumes are neither overly hyped nor underrated. They are genuinely good fragrances, and I must say that I really enjoyed Blanko Dusk a lot. If you’re considering trying them out, I would definitely recommend both of them, as they are worth purchasing, especially considering their affordable price range. So go ahead and give them a try!

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