Best Sandalwood Perfumes in India

5 Best Sandalwood Perfumes in India for Men

Are you looking for exceptional Sandalwood fragrances? I’ve got you covered! After trying numerous perfumes, I’ve handpicked the 5 best Sandalwood perfumes in India that will truly captivate your senses.

Sandalwood holds immense value and respect in the perfume industry, especially the renowned Mysore Sandalwood, which has been a key ingredient in designer perfumes for years. This precious substance isn’t limited to perfumes alone; it also finds its way into the beauty and medicinal industries.

Best Sandalwood Perfumes in India for Men Are:

  1. Guerlain Habit Rouge
  2. Dixit and Zak Vintage 84
  3. Dixit and Zak Rising Mysore
  4. Diptyque TAM DAO
  5. Tom Ford Santal Blush

Sandalwood fragrances have a unique and intriguing allure, which is particularly appealing to women. Even Bollywood’s King, Shah Rukh Khan, is known for using a Sandalwood fragrance that leaves a lasting impression on his co-actresses.

If you appreciate the enchanting scent of Sandalwood, these top 5 picks are sure to delight your senses and become your new favorites.

In this article, we’ll explore the top Sandalwood perfumes in India, guaranteed to make you stand out and leave a lasting impression. These fragrances possess an irresistible charm that won’t go unnoticed by anyone around you. So, let’s dive in and discover the best Sandalwood scents that will undoubtedly make heads turn and create a lasting impact!

Best Sandalwood perfumes in India

Guerlain Habit Rouge

Let’s talk about the first fragrance on the list of Best Sandalwood Perfumes in India, Guerlain Habit Rouge. While it is a Sandalwood-based fragrance, it doesn’t solely revolve around Sandalwood. Instead, it blends beautifully with other notes that create an ageless and amazing scent. The overall impression is one of smoothness, elegance, and class.

This perfume evokes a nostalgic barbershop vibe and can be seen as the masculine counterpart to the popular Guerlain Shalimar, which is a timeless and elegant fragrance for women. As it dries down, you’ll notice the emergence of smokey, powdery vanilla notes, adding a touch of smokiness and muskiness to the overall composition.

It’s evident that this fragrance was crafted with great care and love, resulting in a truly captivating and refined scent.

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Dixit and Zak Vintage 84

This particular fragrance might not be as well-known since it comes from an Indian brand. However, it boasts an impressive origin, as it was created by the renowned perfumer Zakir Laskar. The perfume contains natural Mysore Sandalwood, sourced from a very old batch of government-issued sandalwood. This exclusive and limited material makes it a true gem, and that’s why it’s named Vintage 84.

The scent offers a delightful blend of sandalwood accompanied by other spices, creating a unique and captivating aroma. The only drawback is that, being made with natural ingredients, it doesn’t have a long-lasting effect. However, one can enhance its longevity by layering it with other fragrances that have a stronger staying power.

Overall, Vintage 84 is a special and luxurious scent, showcasing the beauty of natural Mysore Sandalwood and the craftsmanship of its creator, Zakir Laskar.

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Dixit and Zak Rising Mysore

This particular fragrance is actually quite popular, especially among barbershop enthusiasts. It has gained a devoted following, and it happens to be one of my personal favorites from the list of Best Sandalwood perfumes in India. While many people often rave about various foreign brand perfumes, this one is a true legacy of my country—a timeless and classy fragrance that stands out.

One of the remarkable aspects of this perfume is that all its ingredients are sourced from India, showcasing the rich and diverse scents of our land. Notably, it features a solid note of Indian Patchouli, adding a unique touch to its character. Additionally, it includes high-quality vetiver and oud, which elevate its overall quality.

Though this fragrance has been discontinued, I came across a website that still has a few stocks left. If you’re lucky, you might just be able to get your hands on one. This is undoubtedly a must-have perfume for anyone looking to experience the essence of Indian scents and the elegance of a classic fragrance.

Diptyque TAM DAO

Diptyque TAM DAO | Shah Rukh Khan's Favourite Fragrances

This particular perfume was first introduced as an EDT (Eau de Toilette) in 2003. Its remarkable scent is a delightful combination of creamy and milky Australian Sandalwood, which is truly amazing on its own. However, there’s an added touch of Cedar that provides a subtle twist to the fragrance. The blend also includes notes of Cypress and coriander, creating a beautiful harmony of scents that brings together the creamy smoothness of Sandalwood and the dry, woody essence of chopped cedar wood and coriander.

If you’re seeking a formal fragrance that still carries a hint of Indian and rustic charm, then this perfume is a perfect choice for you. It strikes the right balance between sophistication and a touch of traditional allure, making it a wonderful option for any occasion.

Indeed, this fragrance has a moderate projection on its own, which might be the reason why Shahrukh Khan decided to enhance it by blending it with Dunhill London – Icon Elite, a fragrance known for its impressive projection. Which makes it the most important fragrance in the list of Best Sandalwood Perfumes in India. While the scent is not overwhelmingly strong in terms of projection, it still performs admirably, lasting for a solid 8 to 9 hours with ease. So, you can count on it to stay with you throughout the day without any worries about its longevity.

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Tom Ford Santal Blush

Tom Ford is a highly popular and fashionable brand in the beauty and grooming industry. While there is a misconception that they create their own perfumes, they actually collaborate with perfumers to produce their widely acclaimed fragrances that are loved worldwide.

One of my personal favorites from their collection is a surprisingly feminine fragrance, but I believe it can also be worn by men, especially if they enjoy Sandalwood fragrances. This particular perfume offers a real and authentic Sandalwood experience, even though it is made using Australian Sandalwood, not the Indian variety.

The fragrance itself is the pure essence of Sandalwood, with some spicy notes to complement it. The Sandalwood used in this perfume emits a captivating and pleasing scent that will truly delight your senses. Though it might be a bit expensive, I assure you that it’s worth every penny. You can find it in most major perfume stores in big cities.

One remarkable thing about this fragrance is that people will undoubtedly notice it when you wear it. So, it’s a definite must-buy in my opinion. If you’re a Sandalwood lover, this fragrance should undoubtedly find a place in your collection.


These are my top picks for the Best Sandalwood perfumes in India for Men. I’ve personally chosen them after trying out numerous fragrances, and I believe they are worth considering if you’re a fan of Sandalwood-based scents. You can confidently do a blind buy and add these to your collection.

I encourage you to try these fragrances and share your experience with them in the comment section. I’m sure you’ll find the Sandalwood notes in these perfumes truly captivating and delightful. Happy exploring!

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