Best perfumes under ₹10,000 for Men

The Best perfumes under ₹10,000 for Men in India

Smelling good should be and has become a major part of the daily grooming and get-ready routine. Every single person wants to smell fabulously well but the thing that varies from person to person is the amount spent on fragrances. Since we are focussing on male fragrances here, I will present to you, the best perfumes under ₹10,000 for men in India. For some, it’s just a petty part of the daily get-ready run-through, but for some, choosing the right scent mindfully is very very important.

It’s so important that people are ready to spend hefty amounts on it. This will be your one-stop shop list for the best luxury perfumes under ₹10,000 for men in India if you want a quality product. It’s extravagance but for a good cause. 

Here is the list of, the best Perfumes under ₹10,000 for men : 

PerfumesRating out of 5PriceBuying Link
HUGO BOSS BOTTLED4.1₹ 3,600 / 30 mlBuy Now
Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau De Parfum4.4 6,400 / 60mlBuy Now

Best Perfumes Under ₹10,000 for Men


HUGO BOSS BOTTLED | Best perfumes under ₹10,000 for Men

INR 3,600 / 30 ml


HUGO BOSS is a luxury brand that is mostly sold, labeled as BOSS. Established in 1924, almost a century ago, the brand stands by its product quality.

It deals with shoes, and clothes but the most important part – Accessories. Perfume forms a major chunk of this category as your fragrance defines your aura in a social setup. 

This fragrance is the perfect subtle and warm woody one that makes heads turn. Considering its notes, the perfume is like a forest in itself. And for a reason, this is at the top of the list of best perfumes under ₹10,000 for men.


You’ll be one of those attention-grabbing, smelling delicious kinds of men if you spritz this all over. Comes in a sleek green-tinted bottle with a black lid.

The appearance of the perfume bottle is very eye catchy and gives away an idea of what would the liquid contained in it smell like. 


Rating: 4.1 Stars 


An ALL-WEATHER fragrance. Goes perfectly with all the seasons of the Indian subcontinent, regardless of day and night. 


Top Notes: Apple, Plum, Bergamot, Lemon, Oakmoss, Geranium 

Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Mahogany, and Carnation

Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vetiver, and Olive Tree


LONGEVITY: 10-11 hours (Strong)

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MERCEDES-BENZ CLUB | Best perfumes under ₹10,000 for Men

INR 7,000 / 100ml


Mercedes-Benz Club Eau De Toilette for men is a very citrusy yet seductive fragrance and its cocktail-like smell along with the woody silage arouses a sensual feel, acting as a treat to your olfactory senses. Another one of the best perfumes under ₹10,000 for men.

The bottle has a very fancy-looking silver-colored body with the look of a Mercedes Benz car key in an aerodynamic shape. 

But keep in mind that everything in excess is bad and going a little overboard can make you smell awful. So be mindful when you spritz it on your pulse points. It stands by what it says – “Made for the young and free man who believes in living in that moment.”


RATING:  4 Stars 


Top notes: Grapefruit, Rhubarb 

Middle notes: Aquatic Accord, Juniper Berries, Cardamom

Base notes:  Patchouli, Tonka beans, Dry Woods


Since it’s a foresty, elegant, and energetic fragrance, it can be worn all around the year, especially for evening events.


LONGEVITY: Up to 10 hours with that lingering effect.

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SALVATORE FERRAGAMO BY F POUR Homme Black Eau de Toilette 

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO BY F POUR Homme | Best Perfumes Under ₹10,000 for Men

INR 6,400 / 100 ml


  F by Ferragamo Pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo is an Amber Woody fragrance for men It was launched in 2007. It is an elegant and intensive version of the original F by Ferragamo.

Contained in a very compact and classy perfume bottle with transparency and clear visibility of the liquid inside.

Can be found in 30,50 and 100-ml editions


RATING:  4 Stars 


TOP NOTES: Lavender, Apple 

MIDDLE NOTES: Black Pepper 

BASE NOTES: Labdanum, Leather, Amber 

  • One of the major benefits of this luxurious perfume is its long-lasting nature. It is an all-weather perfume but is mostly recommended for summer and fall time. It’s also considered more suitable for the daytime. 

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Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau De Parfum

          INR 6,400 / 60ml


 This perfume is a new YSL men’s perfume of the Y series, launched in 2018, just in a darker, double-protective glass bottle.

If you see this bottle while window shopping, you’ll surely fall in love and that is the reason, it’s a part of the best perfumes under ₹10,000 for men.

Personally, for me, YSL is one such brand that I want to own in the near future because my favorite artists rave a lot about it, and people who meet them always appreciate the way they smell. YSL – the name itself throws off glitters and luxury. 

This perfume in the Y series was a fragrance adaptation of Yves Saint Laurent’s popular white T-shirt and black Jacket.


It’s a very deep, fresh, aromatic, spicy, and masculine fragrance and comes in 60 and 100-ml variants only.


  TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Ginger, and Apple

  MIDDLE NOTES: Sage, Geranium, Juniper berries

 BASE NOTES: Vetiver, Cedar, Tonka, Amber Woods, Olibanum


LONGEVITY: As per customer reviews, 3 spritzes of this last an entire day which is a superb lifespan. 


Rating:  4.4 Stars. A best-seller on Nykaa. 

When and where to wear it?

Can be worn to the office if you are ready to invest in a new bottle again and again. Otherwise, it’s perfect for night outs. Summers are the best time to wear this since it has that deep and keeping-you-fresh sort of scent.

Wear it once when you start your day and no worries if you had a bad day at work/school, one thing is secured, which is that you smell amazing even after 12 hours.


So this was the List of the best perfumes under ₹10,000 for men. I hope you found it useful.

Since I mentioned that YSL is one of those luxury brands that always leaves me awestruck. So I would definitely buy the YSL option for myself/gifting. Make your decision wisely, keeping your budget in mind.

Lastly, let me remind you that the best accessories you can wear are your smile and confidence. So even if you forget to wear the perfume, just have a bright smile on your face, stand tall and own it. You’ll be good to go.

Spending money won’t be painful and wasted anymore because the perfumes listed above won’t disappoint you.

So hurry and click on Buy now and grab your choicest perfume before anyone else does! 

Happy shopping! 

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