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10 Best Attar in India that will BLOW YOUR MIND! [September Updated]

If you are looking for The Best Attar in India, 10 Best Attar in India, I explored the world of attars in India. These natural perfumes, crafted from botanical ingredients, intrigued me with their authentic appeal.

Among the top 10 best attar in India, I found scents that finally resonated with your personality. Embracing attars as your daily signature, I now stand apart with a fragrance that speaks volumes about everyone’s taste and style.

10 Best Attar in India are:

  1. Nemat- Musk Amber
  2. Nemat – Sandalwood
  3. HASAN OUD Golden Oud
  4. Ajmal- Mizyaan
  5. Rasasi- Oud al Mithali
  6. Ajmal- Oud Al Hayati
  7. Aafiya- Caligraphic Vetiver
  8. Perfume Depot- Night Fall Patchouli
  9. Luxury Plus- Oud Safa
  10. My Perfume Secret-Erotic Evening

Attar Brands that are famous in India

Before we talk about best attar in India, let’s know what are some Attar Brands that are famous in India.

Ajmal Attar

Founded in 1951, Ajmal Perfumes is a family-owned business that has become synonymous with exquisite fragrances in the Middle East and beyond. Hailing from Assam, India, Haji Ajmal Ali started the brand with a vision to create enchanting attars that would resonate with people’s hearts.

Over the years, Ajmal has grown into a global perfume powerhouse, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. Their attars continue to carry forward the legacy of Indian perfumery, blending traditional elements with contemporary twists.

Adilqadri Attar

Adilqadri Perfumes, named after its founder, the visionary Adil Qadri, has a rich history that began in the early 1900s. Hailing from India’s fragrant city of Kannauj, Adil Qadri was passionate about perfumery from a young age.

He embarked on a journey to perfect the art of attar-making, culminating in the establishment of his brand. Adilqadri Perfumes quickly gained recognition for its authentic and high-quality attars, earning the admiration of fragrance connoisseurs worldwide.

Al Nuaim Attar

With its roots in the United Arab Emirates, Al Nuaim Perfumes traces its beginnings to the 1950s when the Al Nuaim family set out to create exceptional perfumes. Drawing inspiration from the rich Arabian tradition of fragrance, they embarked on a quest to craft exquisite attars that capture the essence of their culture.

Al Nuaim’s commitment to excellence has earned them a prominent place in the attar industry, with their scents cherished for their distinctiveness and longevity.

Rasasi Attar

Rasasi Perfumes has a remarkable history that began in 1979 when Abdul Razzak Kalsekar founded the brand in Dubai. Hailing from India’s fragrance heartland of Kannauj, Abdul Razzak was deeply rooted in the world of perfumery.

He ventured to the Middle East with a vision to bring the beauty of attars to a global audience. Today, Rasasi is renowned for its opulent and luxurious attars, which embody the charm and allure of the Middle East’s fragrant legacy.

Swiss Arabian Attar

Swiss Arabian Perfumes traces its origins to the early 1970s when a visionary named Hussein Adam Ali decided to create exquisite perfumes inspired by Arabian traditions.

Combining the heritage of Swiss expertise in perfumery with the allure of Arabian scents, the brand rapidly gained acclaim for its masterful attars. Swiss Arabian’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship has positioned them as a leading name in the world of attars and Arabian perfumes.

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10 Best Attar in India

Nemat- Musk Amber

Nemat- Musk Amber | Best Attar in India

on the list of best attar in India, talking about the first one, Nemat Musk Amber, is an exquisite Indian-based Attar specially crafted to appeal to the Indian audience. Indian attars offer a vast array of scents, making them a delightful journey to explore.

This particular attar is centered around Musk and Amber, historically extracted from animals but now banned, resulting in a strong, captivating Musky, and Spicy fragrance.

What sets this attar apart is the inclusion of dried spicy tobacco notes, harmoniously blending with the transformative essence of Sandalwood, creating a truly beautiful fragrance that’s perfect for everyday wear.

This unique combination is referred to as “European Chypre,” representing an Indian interpretation of the classic Chypre fragrance category.

While some may find the top notes a tad intense with their Salty and Buttery nuances, the middle notes offer an extraordinary and appealing blend of spicy elements and Shamatil Amber. This captivating mixture not only pleases your senses but also provides a comforting and therapeutic experience.

As the scent dries down, you’ll be enchanted by the lingering Chandan note, bringing this fragrance to a grand finale, and leaving a lasting impression.

You can get your hands on this delightful perfume for a reasonable price of approximately 300 rupees. It’s available on Amazon, and you can find more information by clicking on the provided links.

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Nemat – Sandalwood

Nemat - Sandalwood | Best Attar in India

Nemat is again a well-known Indian brand that specializes in creating affordable Attars. One of their popular fragrances is Sandalwood, available in an 8ml package with a convenient roll-on applicator.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this attar captures the authentic essence of old Sandalwood oil fragrances. Its soft incense scent carries a hint of earthiness, making it my favorite Chandan Attar in the Indian market.

While it does contain a synthetic note at this price range, it’s still a worthwhile purchase. The longevity of this attar is impressive, as it can last up to 24 hours on the skin. When you wear it, it feels like being surrounded by the pleasant aroma of a Chandan incense stick, rather than a flowery perfume.

The woody, spicy, and sweet undertones of Sandalwood create a delightful and comforting experience.

What makes this attar truly special is the use of Mysoor Chandan Oil, an extremely rare ingredient in today’s world. Nemat has masterfully blended it into this fragrance, adding to its uniqueness and allure. And this is one of the reasons I keep it 2nd best attar in India

What’s even more astonishing is the price; it’s priced at under 250 rupees, making it an absolute steal. If you appreciate Sandalwood fragrances, I highly recommend giving this one a try. It’s an affordable gem that will surely delight your senses.

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HASAN OUD Golden Oud

HASAN OUD Golden Oud | Best Attar in India

Let me introduce you to one of the most impressive attars I’ve come across. From the moment you see the packaging, you’ll fall in love with its charm. It comes in a wooden box with a stylish metal plating on top, adorned with the brand name.

Inside the box, you’ll find a beautiful bottle with a wooden cap, adding a touch of elegance to the whole experience.

Now, let’s talk about the fragrance itself. It’s truly unique and stands out from typical attars. If you enjoy sweet, fruity scents with a hint of French Lily, this one will surely captivate you.

The scent opens with a synthetic and slightly soapy note, but as it dries down, it transforms into a sweet, Amber-like fragrance, rather than the traditional Roh Khas sweetness.

The main ingredients include musk, saffron, creamy rose, and the star of the show, patchouli. It’s perfect for those who are new to the world of attars and prefer uncomplicated fragrances.

This attar offers excellent projection, meaning it spreads its fragrance beautifully in the air around you. If you’re looking for a scent that garners many compliments without delving into complex notes, this is a must-buy.

Currently priced at 1500 rupees, it’s still worth every penny. So, if you’re curious to experience this wonderful attar, I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s a fragrance that lingers in the air and leaves a lasting impression wherever you go.

Ajmal- Mizyaan

Ajmal- Mizyaan | Best Attar in India

Talking about the next best attar in India, Ajmal- Mizyaan, an extraordinary unisex Attar from Ajmal, the sole perfume featured on the list of Best Attar in India. This exquisite fragrance revolves around Saffron, intertwined with delightful notes of dry fruits and apricot, creating a unique and captivating aroma. Its strength is impressive, projecting its alluring fragrance throughout the day.

If you appreciate long-lasting perfumes that linger on your clothes or skin for more than 24 hours, this Attar is an ideal choice. However, apply it with caution, as a mere 2-3 drops using the bottle stick will suffice to envelop you in its enchanting scent.

Based on my personal experience, I applied this Attar to my office shirt and stored it in my wardrobe. To my delight, even after 5 days, the fragrance lingered on, showcasing its remarkable longevity.

Although we might become accustomed to its presence due to nose blindness, people around us will undoubtedly notice and appreciate its captivating allure.

Before making a purchase, I recommend trying it out at an Ajmal Store to see how it resonates with your preferences. Avoid blind buying and ensure it aligns perfectly with your taste. If you’re a fan of saffron-based fragrances, this one is an absolute must-try.

The price for this exceptional Attar is approximately 1800 rupees, but you might find it even more affordable on discount days, possibly priced at 1400 or less. Give it a chance, and be sure to share your experience in the comments section. This fragrance is truly an exploration worth embarking upon!

Rasasi- Oud al Mithali

Rasasi- Oud al Mithali | Best Attar in India

Rasasi’s Oud al Mithali is a well-loved and renowned Attar from this brand that makes best attar in India, and I must admit, I have a soft spot for Rasasi’s creations. As the name suggests, it revolves around the captivating essence of Oud and Musk, but what surprises me is the absence of any animalic scent.

While mild oud fragrances usually incorporate Sandalwood and Musk, what makes this Attar truly special is the delightful addition of raspberry notes in its base. The combination is simply magical, resulting in a uniquely captivating and irresistible fragrance.

In addition to the delightful raspberry note, you’ll also notice subtle hints of Sandalwood and Musk, perfectly enhancing the overall composition. The result is a mesmerizing scent that gracefully lingers for up to 12 hours, allowing you to relish its delightful aroma throughout your day.

If you appreciate fragrances featuring the allure of raspberry notes, I wholeheartedly recommend experiencing this delightful and distinct Attar. I’m certain it will leave an unforgettable impression on your senses.

Ajmal- Oud Al Hayati

Ajmal- Oud Al Hayati | Best Attar in India

This Attar is based on Cambodian influences, and despite containing oud, there’s no need to worry about any animalic or overpowering notes. The Oud in this fragrance feels non-animalic and carries a leathery quality.

At its base, you’ll detect the soothing scents of Sandalwood and Musk, resulting in a soft, smoky, and mildly woody aroma that is truly delightful, especially during the rainy season.

When I wear this Attar, it transports me to my balcony on a rainy day, savoring a cup of coffee while enjoying the calming blend of soil and rain in the air. The longevity of this Attar is impressive; it lingers with you for an extended period, easily lasting up to 24 hours when applied to your clothes.

It comes in a convenient roll-on bottle, making it easy to apply whenever you desire.

This Attar is versatile and suitable for various occasions, be it parties or regular workdays at the office. It is specifically targeted for the Indian audience and has gained popularity throughout the country.

Thanks to this unique fragrance, more and more people are developing an interest in attar perfumes these days. It’s a true gem that brings a touch of Cambodian allure to your senses.

Aafiya- Caligraphic Vetiver

Aafiya- Caligraphic Vetiver | Best attar in India

This Attar made it onto the list because it reminded me of a previous Attar, Ajmal- Oud Al Hayati. However, I included it in the list because, in my opinion, it surpasses the previous one in terms of fragrance.

The composition is slightly different, adding a smokiness with patchouli that enhances the overall scent. It still has the reminiscent elements of the previous perfume, but it’s even stronger in its projection and sillage, creating an amazing aura around you.

If you’re seeking a fragrance with significant projection that remains soft and pleasant to your nose, this Attar is the one to go for. Some scents may have impressive projection, but they can be overpowering to the senses.

However, this Attar strikes the perfect balance, emanating a classy and captivating fragrance from the very beginning until it fades away. Truly, it’s an amazing experience!

Although it’s named Caligraphic Vetiver, don’t expect a traditional rooh khas-like vetiver scent. While there’s a hint of vetiver, it predominantly features Seedroot and Sandalwood notes.

If you have a fondness for fragrances with these elements, I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s a captivating and unique Attar that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Perfume Depot- Night Fall Patchouli

Perfume Depot- Night Fall Patchouli | Best Attar in India

Once again, this fragrance is perfect for the rainy season, emanating an earthy and soil-like aroma. The beautiful note of patchouli takes center stage, while a hint of incense adds to its allure.

The fragrance also boasts spicy notes that blend seamlessly with the sweet and creamy essence of patchouli, resulting in a truly fabulous formulation.

As you delve further into the fragrance, you’ll encounter a delightful cocoa note in the mid, perfectly blended to create a pleasing aroma. And as the scent reaches its late dry down, you’ll be greeted with a hint of sweetness from benzoin, adding a captivating touch to the overall composition.

The fragrance is incredibly impressive and stands out for its uniqueness. Trying it out might just lead you to discover your very own signature fragrance.

In terms of performance, this Attar offers 4-5 hours of projection, allowing its captivating scent to radiate around you. Moreover, it lasts for an impressive 12-13 hours on the skin, ensuring you can enjoy its enticing aroma throughout the day.

Inspired by Carolina Herrera, this Attar from Perfume Depot takes inspiration to a whole new level, crafting a remarkable and distinct fragrance experience. It’s certainly worth trying, and who knows, it might become your go-to signature fragrance.

Luxury Plus- Oud Safa

Luxury Plus- Oud Safa | Best Attar in India

This fragrance is a recent discovery for me, and I must say, it completely blew me away. If you ever wanted to experience the essence of a Dubai sheik, this is the scent that will surely make people say “Al Habibi” in jest, of course! But in all seriousness, it does give off that luxurious, Middle Eastern vibe.

This mesmerizing Middle Eastern fragrance is a blend of Patchouli, Oud, and Sandalwood, with a subtle touch of Rose. The combination feels amazing and not overpowering, yet it boasts a huge projection that captures attention.

As the fragrance reaches its late dry down, you’ll experience a musky aroma, but in a distinctly Middle Eastern manner, unlike the rose-heavy or saffron-heavy scents you might come across. The formulation is truly well-balanced, creating a delightful olfactory journey.

Despite its captivating projection, the fragrance remains light and soft, providing a lasting experience of up to 10 hours. If you want to embody the essence of a Dubai sheik in a scent, I highly recommend giving this fragrance a try. It’s a luxurious and exotic experience that will transport you to the opulence of the Middle East.

My Perfume Secret-Erotic Evening

My Perfume Secret-Erotic Evening | Best Attar in India

Last but not the least best attar in India Rasasi’s Oud al Mithali is a well-known and one of the best attar in India from My Perfume Secret from the brand. Personally, I have a fondness for Rasasi’s creations. As the name suggests, it features Oud and Musk as its core elements, but surprisingly, it doesn’t have any animalic scent.

What sets this Attar apart is the addition of a delightful raspberry note to the base, which beautifully complements the mild oud fragrances typically combined with Sandalwood and Musk. The result is a truly unique and appealing fragrance that captivates the senses.

In addition to the raspberry note, you’ll also detect hints of Sandalwood and Musk, beautifully enhancing the overall composition. The fragrance’s captivating scent lasts for up to 12 hours, ensuring you can enjoy its delightful aroma throughout the day.

If you appreciate fragrances with raspberry notes, I highly recommend giving this one a try. It’s a delightful and distinct Attar that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


In conclusion, when it comes to the best attar in India, we have explored a diverse range of scents that cater to different preferences. You can choose attars according to your liking and order one for yourself by clicking on the buy now button. Don’t forget to share your thoughts after you apply one of these Attars don in the comment section below.

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