AXE vs Wild Stone vs Denver Perfume

AXE vs Wild Stone vs Denver Perfume | 5 Reasons Which is better?

Regarding budget perfumes, brands like Denver, Fogg, Wildstone, and also how can we forget, Villian are some names that struck our minds. So, here in this piece of article, I’m going to do a head-to-head comparison between the three most popular brands when it comes to budget perfumes: AXE vs Wild Stone vs Denver Perfume. Which deodorant is better which company makes better perfumes? Whose perfumes have better performances?

Okay so let me tell you this straight. The Winner of this battle: AXE vs Wild Stone vs Denver Perfume is Wild Stone. I took the three most popular perfumes of each brand and compared them with each other. Below are the following criteria with which this brand has made it amongst others.

AXE vs Wild Stone vs Denver Perfume
1. AXE Body Spray for Men, Kilo 4 oz1. Wild Stone- Code titaniumDenver Hamilton Honor
2. AXE Dark Temptation Body Spray2. Wild Stone- Ultra SensualDenver Hamilton
3. AXE EXCITE Body Spray & Deodorant3. Wild Stone-Hydra EnergyDenver Black Code

AXE vs Wild Stone vs Denver Perfume



When we talk about AXE Perfume’s opening, the thing I like about this perfume is that it has good opening notes and it smells great just after spraying. The notes are fresh and aromatic.

But the downside is that just after spraying the perfume starts to fade. Also, I’m not a big fan of the Spray. It feels like perfume with gas. I think this was one of the downsides of this brand that is the reason FOGG was able to penetrate the market at that time.

I like the AXE Dark Temptation Body Spray the most when it comes to opening because it has a very good Chocolate and spicy Opening. I we compare AXE vs Wild Stone vs Denver Perfume, Axe is not good at spray but definitely worth a shot for the fragrance.


The opening of these perfumes was moderately good. I mean to me it seem quite harsh at first but a bit later, it started smelling good. But the thing I like the most is the Spray. It has small sprays like any other expensive perfume. Unlike AXE perfumes it doesn’t just keep on spraying when you press the spray button.

I like the Ultra sensual the most for the opening. As it had a bit Softer Opening Fragrance. Rest two I found a bit harsh.

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AXE vs Wild Stone vs Denver Perfume


Well, honestly speaking I didn’t like the opening fragrance of any Denver perfumes. It was a bit confusing for me and it did feel synthetic somewhere. The spray was better than AXE perfumes but fragrances were better in AXE only.

So talking about Opening, the winner is Wild Stone in the first round of the AXE vs Wild Stone vs Denver Perfume battle.



AXE Perfumes have good fragrances but only initially. I have been using AXE since my childhood. It is one of the first perfumes or Deodrants I used. The Fragrance reminds me of my childhood but that’s not enough I guess. If it could have lasted longer, I would have definitely preferred to still use it.

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Widstone perfumes have a very good fragrance and they basically get inspiration from high-end perfumes and present a cheaper variety for us. And also, try to match the quality as well. For example, WildStone Hydra Energy is a very good quality clone of the famous perfume DAVIDOFF COOL WATER.


Denver is a brand that I have used the most in my college duration. I had Denver Hamilton (green one). That was my go-to perfume and I absolutely loved it. These fragrances are not too harsh or fady and work fine for daily use.

Especially Denver Hamilton is the one I would suggest to you if you are thinking of buying one Denver Perfume. If you like some sweet-smelling fragrances, you can also go with imperial Hamilton. I love that too.


AXE vs Wild Stone vs Denver Perfume


When it comes to longevity, yes you guessed it right, I don’t recommend AXE perfumes. it hardly stayed on your clothes or body. hardly 3-4 hours and after that, you won’t realize you used perfume or deodorant.


WildStone has a good score in longevity. it stays moderately well on your body or clothes. You can expect a performance of 6-7 hours.


Denver has a better performance than AXE but it cannot beat WildStone perfumes when it comes to Longevity. It lasts 5-6 hours but is still a lot better than AXE.


1. AXE Body Spray for Men, Kilo 4 oz₹5,377/-1. Wild Stone- Code titanium₹226/-Denver Hamilton Honor₹385/-
2. AXE Dark Temptation Body Spray₹188/-2. Wild Stone- Ultra Sensual₹379/-Denver Hamilton₹459/-
3. AXE EXCITE Body Spray & Deodorant₹749/-3. Wild Stone-Hydra Energy₹389/-Denver Black Code₹294/-

All of these brands make perfumes in the range of ₹200-700/- except for some deodorants from AXE. And I don’t think they are worth buying if Longevity and Spray are the key factors for you to buy a fragrance.

Over All

So Over All, WildStone Wins the battle as they are good in almost every parameter. Obviously, if you spend some extra bucks, you can get even better fragrances. buy in this price range, Wild Stone is still my favorite. So What are your opinions about these brands? Do let me know in the Comment Section.

Serendipity will follow, until then, Stay Safe and keep smelling good. Also, Don’t forget, a delightful smile smells the sweetest and is the most aromatic thing you can wear. So be happy.

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