Author name: Mohit Manyal

Meet Mohit Manyal, a 22-year-old author with a passion for exploration, fragrance, and captivating storytelling. As an integral part of an IT-based startup, he immerses himself in innovative projects daily. Alongside his tech pursuits, Mohit indulges his love for fragrances, constantly adding new perfumes to his collection. He is also a skilled YouTube content creator and editor, breathing life into stories through captivating visuals. Furthermore, Mohit's talents extend to the stage, where he mesmerizes audiences with his powerful singing performances. Experience Mohit's dynamic energy and unique perspective through his compelling literary works on AromaXP.

5 Best Perfumes Under 5000 for men in India [2023 Updated]

When it comes to perfumes, it is very important that we choose the right one because it can completely change the way we vibe. And Especially in India, where the climate differs from the rest of the world, it becomes even more important to choose the right fragrance for yourself. But don’t you worry, here …

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